Thank you for your interest in our lab. We welcome highly motivated Postdocs, Graduate students, and Undergraduate students who are passionate about cutting-edge neuroscience research.

Postdoctoral Fellow

If you are interested in the postdoc position in our lab, please send me ( a cover letter with your CV and contact information of three references.

Graduate Students

For graduate student interested in our research, you are welcome to discuss with me about rotation or joining the lab. Please email me ( to schedule a time for chat.
For future graduate students not at the University of Arizona yet, please apply through the University of Arizona Neuroscience Graduate Interdisciplinary Program.

Undergraduate Students

If you want to learn the exciting frontiers of neuroscience research, please email me ( your interest, previous research experience (if applicable), and an estimate of the time that you plan to spend in the lab.

If you are interested in other types of position for training or working in our lab, such as Research Assistant, Research Specialist, or Visiting Student, please email me at:

* all members of the lab are expected to work both independently and collaboratively.